• Cesto frutta
  • Cartiglio piccolo
  • Pannello girali e boccioli
  • Specchiera fiori tonda
  • Pannello urbino putto
  • Lampada melograni
  • Lampada modanata
  • Tondi:la serenata,il bacio, il riposo, la promessa
  • ghirlanda frutta

Since 1991, we have been working and studying ancient artifacts, in order to create beautiful handcrafted objects, unique pieces made with passion and love.

All the items are 100% handmade in Italy in our workshop, following the Italian craft tradition: hand-painting, leaf gilding, use of natural lacquers and beeswax, consistent with the Italian culture and taste.

Most of our items are gypsum calques from ancient artifacts: take the chance to bring a piece of Italian history in your home, let  the finest Italian handcrafts amaze you.

Discover unique handcrafts for decorating your home in our shop online, open year-round, or visit us in our workshop in Gubbio, the City of Stone.



If you wish to learn more about our works and our decoration techniques, check out the latest section of our website, "Classes"!

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