Our works of art are inspired by the great Beauty of Italy.

All our products honour Italian artistic heritage. We believe that creating beauty produces joy, as well as surrounding oneself with beauty produces happiness.


Our gypsum products are the result of a challenging handcrafted work: starting from an idea, a project or an intuition the prototype is created. The prototype becomes the basis for the casting mould, which is made of silicone rubber. Gypsum is casted into the moulds; afterwards, when it is complitely dried, it is ready for the decoration step.

Capable hands transform the rough gypsum products into unique artefacts through the use of colours, lacquers and brass leaf gilding.




Workshops are places where our artistic heritage is treasured, therefore they are extrimely useful to the establishment and preservation of our cultural identity. Let our expertise be guiding you through the art world: look for the perfect item in our shop, let the attention to detail and the perfect harmony between tradition and innovation astound you. Finally, fall in love with beauty.



100% of the manufacturing process takes place in our workshop, in Gubbio, Italy. 

For further information, for custom-made items, for our chimney collections, stairs collections and portal collections please contact us via email (under the section "Contact us"). We will be glad to help you find the perfect ideas based on your requirements.

Enjoy your shopping!

Patrizia and Vittorio.


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